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So, you've finally done it!  You've launched that platform or app that's really going to make a difference to someone.  Now, you need to get those someones to use your product. How can you get your product or service to stand out from the crowd? Today, I'm pleased to announce that Write Now PR has joined the GPC partner network.

Write Now PR offers a range of services to get you noticed and ensure that your brand messaging hits the mark.
Emma Edwards, Founder, explains, "If you’re not sure how to get your app or platform in front of the right people, a strategic PR campaign could be your answer. By crafting a great brand story that highlights your unique selling points, you can hand the media a truly captivating package.

“When you’re thinking about your marketing strategy, key factors like reach, influence and cost-effectiveness are absolutely at the top of your priority list. The great news is, PR nails every one of them. An engaging, powerful story will give you incredible bang for your buck; speaking directly to your ideal client or customer group at a fraction of the cost of advertising. Additionally, audiences are more likely to trust messages coming from an objective news source, compared with paid-for advertising. Earned media mentions are credible and persuasive.”

So how do you turn glowing media mentions into sales or downloads? Does the messaging on your website speak your customers’ language? Copy that compels people to act is a critical part of the sales process.

"With a brand voice that rings out clear and true, you can speak directly to your target customers in a way that demonstrates your value and capabilities", Emma explains. “It’s not just about good sentence structure or freeing you up to focus on other parts of your business (although that’s important too!). Copywriting is an investment. It draws the customer in, shows them the problems they have and how you’ll solve them, then compels them to take a step further – sign up, download, buy.

“Copy starts with the customer – understanding who it is you’re targeting, why you’re different, what pain points you’re addressing, what alternatives are available to them and the triggers that will turn them from prospects into clients or customers. If your copy didn’t start there, it probably needs some TLC.” To that end, Emma also creates copy for your website, product descriptions, blog, email sequences and Facebook ads.

I'm a big advocate of looking at your product in terms of all of the parts that make it a business. You need to think about the whole customer experience. Building your platform or app just isn't enough. The best products don't always win. Words and presence are so powerful. If you've ever read something that moved you to tears, then you get a sense of what I mean. Strong PR and copy has the ability to transform your product from obscurity to stardom.  That's why I'm so excited to have Emma in our network!

If you want to learn more about how PR and copywriting can help your platform or app be noticed, check out the Write Now PR website or get in touch with Emma for a no obligation chat (emma@writenowpr.com).

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