Welcome BoonCave (a software development agency)

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Welcome BoonCave

People with ideas for online platforms and mobile apps are always looking for a developer to build their products. Today, I'm really excited to introduce BoonCave to the Great Products Consulting Partner family.

BoonCave, headed by Janahan Seelan, is a software development company based in Sydney. If you're looking to use technology to solve problems in your business, or for your clients and customers, then BoonCave can build a website, mobile app, or progressive web app (PWA) for you.

Janahan explains, "At BoonCave, we want to help our customers solve problems. We focus on your biggest pain point first, and look to automate, improve and generate leads through technology. We also provide custom end-to-end web and mobile solutions that focus on great design, write once/run anywhere technology, and significantly lower cost of ownership."

Not your normal development agency

Most developers and agencies build platforms and apps for other people and companies, but have never built their own. The great thing about Janahan is that he's built, and commercialised his own online platform, so he understands more than most developers what it takes to turn an idea into a real product. His business is backed by years of experience working with both large corporations, and small businesses. Janahan has also acted as CTO for a health tech startup that is providing a secure, Australian health- and privacy law-compliant messaging app for doctors.

"A key pillar of my philosophy for developing software is the client engagement process." Janahan explains, "I like to talk to clients as often as possible, and keep all aspects of the software development process transparent. I'm also a great believer in following an ethos of continuous improvement. In writing software, we iterate often, and keep working on the product to exceed our clients expectations."

How BoonCave can help you

BoonCave isn't just a coding shop. They can provide you with well-designed platforms and apps that look good, are enjoyable to use, and are technically sound. With his own BoonCave platform, Janahan can provide you with a DIY mobile app option that's great for business automation - both for customers and internal processes.  It also employs augmented reality where a user can point their phone's camera at businesses; then the video is augmented with information specific to those places.   Alternatively, if you want to build a product or have more complex requirements, you can get a custom-developed platform that's unique to your business.

Janahan and I get into some crazy conversations about how we can support non-technical people looking to build online platforms and mobile apps. I'm really looking forward to collaborating with him to bring you technical insights into software development - aimed directly at people like you that haven't done this before.

If you're in the early stages of evaluating your idea, Janahan has offered to provide high-level indicative costs to you, so you can get an initial view of how much you’ll need to build and run your platform or app. If you're further along in your journey and you're interested in a no obligation quote, BoonCave has a free discovery service that you can take advantage of. Find out more by emailing Janahan at boon.cave@gmail.com or visiting the BoonCave website.

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