At Great Products Consulting, we believe that it takes more than a great platform or app to make a business.

No matter how great your product works, you need other skills to make your business great. We're committed to finding partners to help you out on other aspects of running and growing your business.

Great Products Consulting is proud to be an Expert Partner on the GrowthSprout platform ( GrowthSprout is a virtual training platform that provides a tailored, step-by-step program to help you achieve your business goals.  If you want access to modules related to all aspects of marketing, PR, growth and anything practical about running a business, then GrowthSprout is the place to learn.

GPC will provide modules related to building and growing your online platform or mobile app – giving you the tools, knowledge and skills that you need to develop your product via an easy-to-use platform. You’ll also be able to access 1-on-1 support if you want it. To find more about GrowthSprout and how it works, click here.

Disclosure: We have an affiliate agreement with GrowthSprout. If you click on one of these links, GrowthSprout will pay us a commission if you sign up to their platform - at no extra cost to you. GrowthSprout will also be a channel for us to distribute our content to you via online modules. We will be paid for each module that you complete and any 1-on-1 support that we provide.

There’s no need for your great product to languish in obscurity. Boutique communications consultancy Write Now PR is the place to go for targeted, thoughtful, mass media exposure (without the giant advertising spend).

But, how do you then turn those glowing media mentions into sales or downloads? With a brand voice that rings out clear and true. And for that you need copy that compels and copy that sells. Click here to learn more.

BoonCave creates end-to-end digital solutions that focus on great design and overall affordability. They have a huge appetite for solving business problems with technology, and bringing game changing software to businesses.

Whether you're still at idea stage or you're ready to get started, BoonCave has the skills and experience to build your online platform or mobile app.  Click here to learn more.

Stay Tuned!
We'll continue to add partners as we find the right companies and people to help you on your business journey.