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Thanks for completing our tech savvy quiz. Here are the questions and answers for the quiz: 1. What is waterfall? Correct Answer - B: Waterfall is a software development methodology where software development activities are completed in a sequential order. The next activity does not start until the previous one has finished. An alternative to waterfall is agile where some development activities are done concurrently. 2. What is a requirement? Correct Answer - A: A requirement defines what you want a product to do. They tell designers and developers what you want included in your product. 3. What is scope creep? Correct Answer - C: Scope creep is when the size of your project increases because additional requirements are added to the project after it has started. This often results in projects that take longer to complete and go over-budget. 4. What is a non-functional requirements? Correct Answer - A: Non-functional requirements relate to how you want your product to operate. They include things like how responsive it should be, when it should be available and how many users it should support. 5. A back-end developer is… Correct Answer - C: A back-end developer specialises in coding programs that run "behind the scenes" including performing calculations, executing logic, accessing data and connecting to front-end systems. These developers address functionality that does the "heavy lifting" in the background. 6. There are 5 main activities in software development…. Correct Answer - B: Software development activities include requirements, design, build, test and implement. 7. A native app is… Correct Answer - B: A native app is an app that is built using the programming language and framework specific to a particular mobile platform. 8. PHP is… Correct Answer - B: PHP is a back-end scripting language that allows you to deliver customised web pages to individual users by taking external input, processing it and delivering the result to the user's web browser. Examples include login pages, checking details on a form, etc. 9. What does MVP stand for? Correct Answer - C: MVP stands for "minimal viable product". This is the smallest product that you can launch that allows you to solve your customer's main problem and to confirm the viability of your product idea. 10. What comes first? Correct Answer - A: When building a product, you want to talk to your potential customers first. This allows you to identify what their painpoints really are and to understand the processes that they go through to solve their problems. If you'd like to know more about how you can make your idea a reality and to connect with other like-minded individuals, then please join our Facebook group .

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