What are acceptance criteria?

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Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria define what the system needs to be able to do in order to be considered ‘complete’ from a software development point of view. In essence, they’re a set of tests that you conduct to confirm that your platform or app does what you want it to. In this article, I’ll look at what they look like and how … Read More

How do I make sure my platform or app works?

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Testing is the step in the development process for making that your online web platform or mobile app works before you launch it. There are different types of testing to look at different aspects of your product, and then there is a process to actually plan and execute the testing.  In this week’s article, I’ll look at 5 steps for … Read More

What are the different types of testing?

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Did you know that there are different types of testing that should be done on your new online web platform or mobile app? Each type of testing has an important role to play in making sure that your end product works the way that you expect it to. In this article, I’ll describe the different types of testing so that … Read More

Intro to Product and Software Development and Product Management (part 3 – build your app)

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I hope you’re starting to get a feel for what’s required to build an app. I’m now onto part 3 of my series on introducing concepts in product management, product development and software development. In part 1, I provided a general introduction to these concepts and in part 2, I looked at what happens at the beginning. In this post, … Read More