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Building a web platform or a mobile app is an ongoing journey that starts from your initial idea, goes through to your initial launch, and then ongoing updates and improvements.

There are so many places where things can go wrong. You're not sure how to find a developer. No one seems to get what your want. Your project is taking longer than expected to finish and it's going waaaay over budget. Sometimes, it can all get a bit overwhelming. Don't worry though - you're not alone. All of these are common for people building a web platform or mobile app.

Great Products Consulting aims to support non-technical people who want to build web platforms or mobile apps. We want you to have the tools, skills and knowledge needed to execute your idea successfully. Whether you're just starting out or you've already finished building your app, take advantage of almost 20 years of software development experience and learn how you can work with your development team to successfully complete your projects.

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