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10 Essential Tips for Hiring the Right Developer

You’ve got a great idea for a platform or app, and now you need a great developer. Choosing the wrong one will cost you time and money - it could even delay your product going to market.
Set yourself up for success with my 10 tips. Don’t take another step without it.
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Through 10 Essentials for Hiring a Developer you'll discover:

  • How the right developer will save you money - both now and into the future

  • The simple things you need to consider before you talk to your first developer

  • Key steps you can take to reduce the risk of hiring the wrong developer (because not all developers are created equal)

  • Important ways that you can protect yourself in case something goes wrong - because it happens (a lot!)

The most innovative, exciting – and sometimes obvious – products in the marketplace began with a germ of an idea. An idea of what someone wanted to achieve, but not necessarily how they could make it happen.
My download is a critical step in that process. It will save you time. It will save you money. And it will help turn your good idea into a great product.

- Karen Clark, Founder, Great Products Consulting

Here's what people say:

"You need this download – even if you think you don’t! It’s full of great tips for finding the right developer for your idea and to make the best use of your budget. If you’re a non-tech person, you’ll really benefit from Karen’s insights. She has a talent for cutting through the jargon.” 

- Charlie Khoury, Founder, Snewpit

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