Great Products Consulting
Need a plain-English blueprint to get your own mobile app or online platform built?
I’ve got the no-nonsense checklist you’ve been waiting for.
No more guesswork. Just the essentials you need to turn your good idea into a great product.
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Years of software and product development experience condensed into a solid foundation for success:
  • 15 individual checklists stepping you through the A-Z of product development

  • Over 200 actionable tasks to keep you on-track and accountable

  • A host of vital thought-starters for robust and valuable products

  • Key steps laid out in black and white – giving you the confidence, clarity and space to innovate.

Don’t waste another minute wondering what you need to do to turn ambition into reality. The answers are right here. For only $24.
Save yourself the self-doubt, the doubling back, the wasting of time and money. No jargon, just an invaluable list of all the things you need to tick off as you turn your lightbulb moment into a workable, in-demand product.
– Karen Clark, Founder of Great Products Consulting

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