You’ve got a great idea and you want to make it happen before someone else does. You just don’t know how.
The reality is that 31.1% of software projects are cancelled before they even get completed. That’s almost a third of apps and digital platforms stalling, principally because the right groundwork was never laid.
So how do you know what you need to do?
You ask an expert.
Your great idea doesn’t need to fall at the first hurdle – or the second, or the third.
In fact, with the right person on your team, it’s possible to predict and side-step a whole range of common pitfalls. Such as: • Building a product that doesn’t actually meet user needs or your business objectives • Your vision being lost in translation, because you don’t know how to ‘speak developer’ • Falling prey to, all too common, budget and time blow-outs.

Fear not – Great Products Consulting can help

Tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience – gained through years at the frontline of software development. Because the right person walking you through the process could mean the difference between success and failure.
Our consulting packages offer the 1-on-1 support you need to get your idea knocked into shape and into the market.
Prices start at $547.

Just starting out?

Our Definer Package will enable you to define your app or platform requirements in a way that developers will understand, so that you end up with the product you envisaged (and that you and your users actually need).

Let’s get started
Need extra support to get your project off the ground?

Our 6-week Overseer package is the kick-start you need. We’ll oversee the start of the project with you to help you to find and hire the right developer, validate your design, handle any hiccups and plan for launch.

Oversight while you’re getting started
Think you’re ready to launch?

Our Breaker package offers you the structured approach to testing your product to - almost – breaking point to ensure that you iron out every bug, hold your developers accountable for their work and launch not just a successful app or platform, but business too.

Ready to test it to its limits?
Need to go back to the drawing board?

Your platform or app has launched but it has issues. Or perhaps you’ve spotted opportunities for new features and functions. Our 4-week Enhancer package has been designed to help you define and assess changes to enhance your current offering and structure future development and support processes.

Time to grow

Still not sure which package is right for you?
Book a 30-minute, free, no-obligation discovery call.
Together we’ll establish your needs and work out how Great Products Consulting can support you to achieve your goals.
Prefer to work on your own, check out our Courses page.