What are acceptance criteria?

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Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance criteria define what the system needs to be able to do in order to be considered ‘complete’ from a software development point of view. In essence, they’re a set of tests that you conduct to confirm that your platform or app does what you want it to. In this article, I’ll look at what they look like and how … Read More

Why you need to focus on “what” not “how” (when defining your product)

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What not How

In order to turn your online platform  or app idea into a living and breathing thing, you need to define your product. This means that you have to define “what” your product will do. The key word here is “what”. There’s a common pitfall when defining your product to focus on “how” you want you product to work – rather than “what” … Read More

5 Foundations for non-tech people with platform or app ideas

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5 Foundations for non tech

Software technology projects can be tough at the best of times, but what happens when you have an idea for an online platform or app,  and you’ve never done anything like it before?  In this article, I’ll explore some of the ways that non-technical people can get the foundations to set themselves up for success. As someone that’s been in the industry … Read More