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Hiring any supplier or partner can be a risky business, and with the cost of developing a platform or app, can you afford to be wrong?
You can de-risk this decision by arming yourself with as much knowledge that you can to make the best possible decision. We've created an interactive Masterclass to get rid of the clutter, and to give you what you need to get the right developer for your project.
In our 90-minute Masterclass, we answer the following questions: * Who do you need to hire? * What are the different ways to hire a developer? * Where do you find them? * What do you ask for? * How do you pick one? * What happens next? We'll take you step-by-step through our process for hiring a developer for your project. Along with a copy of the class slides, you'll also get the templates you need to help you make the right decision.
Having the right developer is the most important factor in having a successful project, so don't leave it to chance.
This masterclass is only $47.
There are limited spots, so don't miss out!
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