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Building a product is hard enough when you know what you're doing.
Imagine what it's like when you've never done it before! It can't be that hard - can it?

What happened when you learnt how to walk for the first time? Chances are, you don't remember, but it's a good bet that you fell down a few times before you got the hang of it!
Hi there!
My name is Karen Clark and I'm the founder of Great Products Consulting. I guide non-technical people who want to build online web platforms or mobile apps.
We've looked at some of the potential obstacles that you might face as you build your product and put them into a cheat sheet for you. Our 10 tips cover you from the beginning to end of your development journey to make sure you know what to look out for.
If you’re ready to get your product built, download your free cheat sheet now.

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