Get from “idea to launch” with my new checklist!

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If you’ve got a great idea for an online platform or mobile app, but you’re not sure where to start – you’re not alone. Tech can be intimidating for those that have never had any experience with it before. Sometimes you want someone to guide you through the process – but you just can’t afford to hire someone to help … Read More

What happens after you’ve launched your platform or app?

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You’ve made it! You’ve launched your online platform or mobile app and you hopefully have a steady stream of new users and customers. Now what?!   This article will give you an overview of life after launch. If you’ve read my previous article on product development and product management, you’ll know that your launch is just the beginning of your journey. … Read More

Intro to Product and Software Development and Product Management (part 4 – launch and beyond)

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You’ve finally made it! You’re ready to launch your product – but what does that mean? In the last article of this series on product development, software development and product management, I’ll talk about the “Implementation” and “Launch” phases. If you missed the other parts in this series, you can find part one (intro) – here, part two (beginning) – … Read More