What’s the difference between Web Design and Web Development?

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Web Design vs Web Development

Do you know the difference between web design and web development? I often see people looking for recommendations for one or the other, but did you know that when you’re building an online platform or mobile app, you might actually need both? Traditionally, these two disciplines were quite separate and distinct. However, over the years, the line between the two … Read More

Why you shouldn’t always rely on a recommendation

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Getting a recommendation from a friend or an acquaintance is a great way to find people or things – a plumber, a builder, a lawyer, a restaurant, a product, etc. Whatever you need, someone out there has a recommendation for you. In a previous article, I talked about using referrals to find a developer, and in today’s article, I’m going … Read More

What are your options for hiring a developer?

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You’ve got an idea for a web platform or mobile app that you’ve decided to turn into a real product. You’ve documented what you want the product to do and you may have even drawn up some screens. So, now you need someone to make your idea into a living, breathing product. Along with figuring out how to brief a developer, … Read More