What is a Wireframe?

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A wireframe is a drawing of a screen as it might appear on a website, an online platform or a mobile app. Wireframes are very powerful tools for describing what you want to build, and for illustrating your idea. In this article, I’ll explain the different types of wireframes and how you can use them to create your platform or … Read More

Get from “idea to launch” with my new checklist!

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If you’ve got a great idea for an online platform or mobile app, but you’re not sure where to start – you’re not alone. Tech can be intimidating for those that have never had any experience with it before. Sometimes you want someone to guide you through the process – but you just can’t afford to hire someone to help … Read More

What’s in your platform or app? (Product Definition)

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Taking your idea and making it into a product involves a very important step around defining what you want your product to do. This product definition (or product requirements) form the foundation for what happens next, so you need to take some time to understand what you need to look at. Previously, I showed you how to write high-level and … Read More

How do I prioritise what I want? (requirement prioritisation)

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Prioritise requirements blog photo

Prioritisation is probably a concept that you’re familiar with – you take a list of things and figure out which ones are more important than the other ones. Sounds simple enough?! When you’re building an online web platform or mobile app, prioritisation comes up all of the time! In this article, I’ll look at prioritisation as it relates to defining … Read More

Customers vs users (what’s the difference and why do I care?)

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customers vs useres

Do you know the difference between “customers” and “users”? When I was creating my requirements writing course, these terms created some confusion with the person editing my content. It got me thinking that not everyone knows the difference. So, I’ve written this article to shed some light on a concept that is actually pretty important when you’re defining your product. … Read More

An intro to defining your product (aka writing requirements)

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define product intro

In my last post, I talked about how people often have trouble briefing their developers and specifying what they want their app to do. This week, I thought I’d share the basics of defining your web platform or mobile app. In “biz” speak, this is really your product definition and in “tech” speak, these are called “business requirements” and they … Read More